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No reviews  is a federation of Chinese factories and also the Chinese Small Merchandise online market. We retail and wholesale Beads & Findings including jade, silver, pearl, gemstone, lampwork glass

and crystal items etc.

We also can source many products for you. We are a Squaretrade Verified Seller. Whether you have a company of jewelry making or personal jewelry store, PandaHall can offer different solutions according to

your needs.

PandaHall has a special logistics center for international business. All of the products management are completed in the center, such as purchasing, storage, sorts, tallies, distribution, inverts, loads, delivery of

goods and series actions.

To enlarge our business, PandaHall has established a special display room for jewelry display, offering the overview of PandaHall's products for customers who visit our company.

PandaHall has a special lab with highly trained person to check the lead content in our products. The Lead-free inspect apparatus can check metal products vvery precisely and offer accurate content analysis report.


Pandahall Online Shopping from China Best Cashback only on

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