About Us

About Us

CashBackMate.com is a website that, dedicated to helping you save money on your online purchases.

 Our Mission

"To provide costumer a global platform to help them save money by shopping online"

How does the service work?

We’ve partnered with many companies (New retailers join CashBackMate every month, so our selection is constantly growing.)

These companies pay us a commission whenever we refer customers to them. We pay our members a portion of that commission, in return for using the CashBackMate website to shop at their favorite retailers.

It’s almost like you’re getting paid to click on a link and shop, but it’s also our way of saying “thank you” for using CashBackMate.


Become a Member of CashBackMate

There are no fee’s to become a CashBackMate member. Once your account is established, click on your favorite merchant links and start shopping. It’s that easy!


Suggestions or questions?

We welcome your feedback. Visit the Contact Us page to immediately send an email.